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Confessions of an English Vodka Drinker

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I've created a new journal because it's my constant fear when posting in communities that somebody will find out who I am and say "HA! I know who you are." As a result I detailed some lies I'll be telling in my first public post.

I smoke occasionally, read compulsively and Game recreationally. I have a thing for cheekbones and cads that is either born of Spike from Buffy or Lucifer Box. I'm a grad student working part time, a writer obsessing full time and a fan-girl squeeing overtime.

I'm mostly interested in gender and the mess of stuff around it, disabilities and mental illness, freedom of information, the decentralisation of the media, journalism, copyright law and beautiful skinny boys with cheekbones.

I have a sense of humour, a killer wit and a cat.

Mines a vodka, or tea if you have it. Ta.

Currently on a weight-loss adventure. Do excuse me.

Nothing, indeed, is more revloting to English feelings than the spectacle of a human being obtruding on our notice his moral ulcers or scars. Thomas De Quincey